How To Garage


Adding your vehicle to our garage is pretty straight forward.

Start by going to the garage section:

You will see on the landing page, the Create Item button. Click that.


You will then need to choose a category, based on your vehicle model


The next section is where you fill all the required details in about your vehicle.


You will need to give your vehicle a name (Item Name), and then complete the various tabbed fields to list all the details.

Now, you will see a tab called Sidebar Fields. This has some specific fields that need to be completed in order for you vehicle to be accepted.


Year and Induction are required, so please add the year of your vehicle ( YYYY format), and select the induction type from the dropdown box. You can also add your BHP and Torque values if they are known.

You don't need to any images, but this is beneficial and will make your item look better in the garage.

The important part here, is that the first image you upload will be the one used for your vehicles thumbnail in the garage section, so please choose one of your favourite images.

The remaining images you upload will simply be placed into the garage gallery section for your vehicle.

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