For Sale Supercharger Kit

z22se supercharger kit for sale.

Eaton M62 Supercharger with new oil and gaskets
Inlet Manifold with Dual Pass Mod
New LSJ Throttle Body with Gasket
2.9" Pulley
Belt 5pk1695 new
Brackets for Belt running (Between AC and Engine, between Alternator and Engine
Cooling Hoses
Bosch Water Pump
Z20let Injectors
Sandtler X-Air AirBox with Hoses and Bracket
ECU Bracket
Option B Surge Tank with Hoses and Brackets
Without ECU.

Everything runs for 2000km.

Shipping from Germany to the UK is possible. Also you can pay with PayPal.

1800€ for all the parts listed. (1395 Pounds)
Shipping cost ~120€ (95 Pounds)

Supercharger_2.jpg Supercharger_3.jpg Supercharger_4.jpg Supercharger_5.jpg Supercharger_6.jpg Supercharger_7.jpg Supercharger_8.jpg Supercharger_9.jpg Supercharger_10.jpg Supercharger_11.jpg