Flywheel Question


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If possible i'm trying to get some info on a couple of flywheels.
I am wondering if this is a dual mass flywheel


And i am wondering if this one is a single mass flywheel or if it is for an automatic maybe


They are both from an engine with the same code
first image is from a 4wd vehicle, This has the bigger flywheel and clutch plate as well.
Second image is from a car with smaller flywheel

I am wondering if it's cause there would possibly be different gearboxes which would make the flywheels incompatible .
I have not been too technically involved with clutches and gearboxes. the only hands on experience i've had was just helping to do a clutch change.

|If anyone even had a link with good info rerlating to this. That would be helpful, Thanks


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both solid fly wheels.
top one is pot type and lower one is a flat type.
like you said from different gearboxes so will have a different clutch kit and most likely different bell housings


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Nice one. In theory the smaller one should still work, If it will just make it accelerate faster.

Just decided to get a new clutch anyway for the jeep, Save any potential problems down the line. Whilst engine is out also, I'ts easier that way rather than do it again.

The pot type stores more energy i see, after doing a little research

Well thanks for the pointers.