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Brakes Fit Rear Pads (Astra)


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Fit Rear Pads (Astra) (version 1.0) - Fit Rear Pads (Astra)

tool required
wheel brace
13mm spanner
wire brush
copper anti seize grease
new pads
Axel stand and trolley jack
cup including hot water,teabag,milk and sugar add'd as required...

so first off jack up the car at the rear making sure the car is in gear and on level ground hand break should be off to make it possible to remove the HB cable from caliper, place the Axel stand under the rear sill on a secure place so the car wont drop on you....

once the wheel is removed the hand break cable...
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Is there anything in particular that needs to be done when winding the piston back? Do you need to bleed the brakes, or is it OK to wind it back, and open the cap on the brake fluid reservoir?


Cool, a few sites say you need to clamp the rear brake line, and undo the bleed nipple to prevent fluid going back into the system.

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Best wait for someone else to reply then :-/

I didn't think you needed to do all that unless the caliper was coming off fully as you don't want air to go in the system.


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2nd :)
cap off wind in
never ever top up brake fluid!
the max level is with all new pads and discs so when the pads are muffed the fluid will be at the low mark so when you wind the pots in and fit new pads and discs the brake fluid will be back at the max mark
if you top up when its low and try to wind the pots in you get brake fluid all in your engine bay burning the paint off :)


Just found this on the VXR site about each side being wound in a different direction

to cut a long story short driver side rear is rewound clockwise and passenger side is rewound anticlockwise.


yeah some are matt... you have both wind back tools in the kit you bought havnt you..
Yeah, it's got both in the kit (makes sense now as I did wonder why there were two!)

Also, just seen there are 4 bolts supplied with the mintex pads for the rear
Any idea what they are for?


Thanks Daz. I take it I'll also need to remove the carrier to be able to get the disc off (like I had to on the front)?


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I'm sure you do, but something in the back of my mind is telling me that they may just go by the carrier, been a while since i changed rear discs on an astra


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my mk5 lucas calipers were both right hand in
the bolts are for caliper slider to carrier i did mention them the other day in your front brake thread :)