Finally got it!!


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After waiting a long time for someone to post one on fleebay!! I got the grill I've wanted to do the Opel badge to carry on the Opel badge conversion.


Just need to do the alloys badge caps and all done. Been waiting long time for the honeycomb opel badge style. Seller needs to post ASAP lol


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New grill fitted will add pics soon. Now just need to get ass into gear and get my old irmscher grill and k&n57i listed on fleebay. Just had one of those days when I just can't be bothered to do much.
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how easy/hard is to change this

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The air bag cover? On fleebay for £12 and I could do with changing mine as the buttons for the horn have sank lol
2 #27 torx screws by the stalks :) and the airbag plug

he will be coming over soon so i can do it if need be :)
@milo might be worth getting an uncut one from the scrappy now you have a grill than can fit the normal one :)
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