Fairly urgent request - injector seal size

Hi folks, got a urgent request that hopefully someone can help with!

Need to know the size of o'ring used between fuel rail and injector (Z22SE if it's different from the other one!), even the diameter of where the o'ring fits would be massively useful too I think!

Would be massively grateful if anyone can help :)

No need to worry, managed to get the car recovered to my work, checked out the seals and discovered they're non standard! Luckily I have a scrap head that still has injectors/fuel rail in that I can pillage, it's just 40 miles away! Lol.
Revining an older one to not create something simmilar. Maybe anyone has info what the bottom o-rings are sized? Inner/Outer diameters and Girth ?Also, am I stupid or the upper ones cannot be 14mm when Inner diameter is 8mm and width of the ring is about 3mm? 8+3 != 14