Faild MOT on HC

Hi all

Took my car for it's test today and it failed for the first time ever :mad::mad: Bottom ball joint,rear tyre and emissions on HC said lean fuel mixture. For some reason when they did the rev test it wouldn't hold revs at 2k it was up and down 2 lads had a go and couldn't get it to do it so I had a go and had to feather the throttle to get it to complete the test. After the test I went and got some helicoils and helicoiled the rocker cover because the coil pack bolts wouldn't tighten I put in new spark plugs and found a air leak on the egr pipe the O ring split so put a new one on but after all that it was smoking loads if I floor it from 1st I get loads of smoke until 3rd will this pass the retest it had an oil and filter change 3 days ago and I have cleaned all the oil off the TB and cleaned the EGR valve and pipe out I'm out of Ideas
pattern part coil packs are known to give faults on these engines.
did you use new gaskets when you cleaned egr valve? these could also be leaking?
is it burning oil at all? your PCV valve could be blocked. its in the inlet manifold and requires removal of the manifold to clean or replace it.
None of the egr parts are leaking had a good check and the engine management light was on when they were. Not burning any more than usual. I have the original coil pack I'll have a see if it works and cleaned the inlet out as much as I could the other day
Took it back today after using Cataclean and it passed must of been the cat gunked up runs well now with lots of power still going to do the inlet manifold though it's full of s**t


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Was the ball joint you mentioned at the rear and did you renew it or was it just an advisory?

The Vectra B's have a tendency to wear out the two ball joints on the rear trailing arms. If you have to replace them ensure you get either genuine GM ones or Delphi, don't buy the cheap ones off eBay as they are like chocolate and last about 6 months.
It was drivers front. But I do have to change the rear rose bushes didn't come up on the MOT because you need to bounce on the back end to see them moving but that could also be an issue