F23 or M32???

Ok so I am looking at gearbag options for my Zafira build. Do I go with an F23 with diesel 4th and 5th or convert to a 6sp M32??? Money isn't endless and I have all the F23 stuff but what will it be like on the road with the longer 4th and 5th? Will it be more drivable to swap to an m32 6sp from say a Vac C 2.2yh????
With the zafira you could use the astra z22se box as that's a 3.94:1 ratio where as the zafira is 4.17:1 ratio. straight swap as well no stripping and rebuilding of the box needed.
I'm on the corsa 3.54:1 ratio now. but i have smaller tyres. much better top end speed, 70mph = 2500 rpm
evocarlos is the guy to ask about fitting the M32 as he's done it in the Astra
Ok sounds like the Astra 2.2 box is the same ratio as the DTi F23 box as that's around 2500rpm at 70mph.

Starting to look like I am in need of a 2.2 Astra donor for the engine and box rather than rebuilding what I have.