Exhaust restoration help please

Dave One

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Good morning,

I'm hoping someone will be able to advise me on how to restore my Irmscher Double D exhaust to its former beauty. I've had it on the car for quite some time now but the hard dried on cack is from prior to my ownership.....

I've tried with 0000 grade wire wool, Autosol and even oven cleaner. If the answer is simply more elbow grease then that's what I shall do :).

It also seems a bit pitted around the end too :( - and nothing likes to be pitted around the end.....

Thanks in advance,
The Irmscher rear exhaust boxes on the Astra had 'double D' tailpipes whereas the Vectra SRi 150 came with a 'letterbox' style tailpipe although the SRi 140 (2.0) had the 'double D' tailpipe (I believe they're interchangeable on the Vectra).

The Irmscher rear boxes are stainlees steel but can suffer from the baffles rattling a bit. :)