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exhaust manifold

Discussion in 'Bargain Corner' started by ob one, February 9, 2018.

  1. dbilas manifold and down pipe for sale was on a mk1 zafira would like £150
  2. 20170920_105349. ]67956[/ATTACH]
  3. h
    hi m8 is this still available thanks
  4. yeah I still have it
  5. that' great pretty sure
    where abouts are u any cracks or repairs thanks
  6. I'm in south East London it's never been repaired shouldn't have any cracks but I will check in the morning
  7. no cracks
  8. lovely what' the best price you could do it for posted to me thanks ad
  9. what area do you I've in
  10. Derbyshire UK de7 postcode mate
  11. I will take it to post office and check what it cost to post
  12. it's going to cost me about £40 to post best I can do is £165
  13. it's going to cost me about £40 to post best I can do is £165
  14. If it hasn't sold i could collect next weekend on Saturday?
  15. do you know Steve at lmf
  16. Kind of know him, My Red Corsa used to be his :LOL:
  17. manifold sold thank you very much sir nice guy
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  18. good to meet you.
    good luck with the Zafira (y)
  19. cheers mate
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