Evo's Astra coupe 2.2 star silver


Stupid Bollocks
ive managed to save 5 items from this block
3 pistons
the lower girdle
and a plug from an oil gallery

new diagnosis
at some point this engine had the chain fail causing damage to #4 piston valve marks and pinched piston ring
im thinking that weakened the piston also
the engine looks to have been thrashed at full throttle with no oil spinning all 4 big end bearings then the they all got hot and one broke then the rest is history :)


Stupid Bollocks
so go going on experiance, if there has been good contact with a piston it would be a good idea to replace atleast that piston?
well the 2 cars that ive fixed that had bent valves are as far as im aware are still on the road but then there pistons in thos engines did not have the damage this one had
i would say if the rings are pinched then yes the piston would need to be changed
didnt u say that the complete head was good on that engine aswell?
yes the head is in tip top condition it would have to pass the evo inspection 1st ive not had a good look at the cam side yet but the cylinder side and the valves are all fine

more work on the new coupe
the rear discs looked shagged

set about changing them for my old ones that had only done 2k miles and a fresh set of pads
got to the passenger side and the rubber dust cover on the caliper was split piston was also a bit stiff

soon sorted that with a spare :)

all done :)

4mm step lol
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mine were horrible towing the mini upto my house this afternoon, they worked but wouldnt return so had 1 foot on the pedal and 1 foot under the pedal to pull it back up(good job i was only being towed n only up to my house)


Stupid Bollocks
spent some time today fixing the dash lights on this astra pretty much all of them didn't work
the speedo was missing 3 bulbs
the mfd had the filer removed i found a bit of a lid from a really useful box cut it and sanded it then put 3 bulbs is and now we can see the time
then heater control had no bulbs and the pcb was snapped off around the bulb part i fetched the pcb out super glued the broken bit back on then reconnected the traces with solder there all working now :)

i also showed dad the cd changed lol kid new toy all im going to say :)
your not having much luck with your cars at the moment. you found out whats caused the scouring on your other cars bore yet?
feel for you, sick cars are bad! only good thing is it give us an excuse to pull them apart and make them all better again! :)