Evo's Astra coupe 2.2 star silver


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is this the engine out of the z22se strip down thread ,the one that you were putting balanced crank etc in
it is yes there was more of a demand to get this car running than spend lots on making it 300hp ready

well id say u will have balance shaft delete, n we have allready seen n pre cat
so what else you done??
you almost got it :) bal del, derestrict the air box other than that its the old engine that made 273hp supercharged before it was removed to fit the saab engine
flowed head?
be intresting to see what power gains are had from simple cheep mods on a z22se?
no mods to the head 154hp with an panel air filter and a cat back :)
I bet we see it at PVS ;)
you may very well do :)
that looks really nice, i didnt notice the black headlights, debadged grill n tinted windows before, it looks really well, theres not much i would change, id go gsi front bumper n put your old wheels off your other coupe on n id like the blue alcantara interior. OH an the supercharger hahaha
I don't have a lance But I always thought car plan was just spray on shine sort of stuff
You are thinking of Carplan demon shine, the snow foam is ok, expensive for what it is will do 4 washes and need half decent pressure on water. I bought one about year ago to try and gave ok suds don't expect to get thick suds like a true lance.
theres spray on shine n spray on snow foam, im trying the snow foam for the first time this week(with a pressure washer) so gonna see how it goes, then on saturday its havin AG shampoo n AG super resin polish if its not rainin.


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What snow foam do you use mate? halfrauds only had Carplan and I'm not using that lol
meguiars hyper wash from the detailer range 2-3 pumps in a snow foam lance covers the car with 3" left in the bottle i then top it off with water rinse
down the car with the jet wash then reapply the extra in the lance for suds while wiping down with a mitt

Looks really good for a basic wash :) now crack open the G compound and rotary :)
went all over with g10 :)

still needs more work :)

rear quarter done with g10 drivers door not done you can see the difference

i can now say i have thats mine and thats mine





Stupid Bollocks
Bloody impressive Carl. That's one hell of a turn around in a short amount of time.
thanks matt done a bit more today
oil and filter change the fuel filter £30 from the local vx dealer :)
the rear discs are looking a bit ruff so found out my old ones then went and bought some pads will do the brakes at some point :)

heres a pic me mom took on sunday when i washed it you can see the 2nd blast with the snow foam left overs saves the 2 bucket wash :)

and im not sure what all the fuss is about with people keep saying the 2.2 is slow lol
seams pretty quick to me and im used to driving the charged one


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side note i think i found out why the original engine failed its a long one but here goes
once the new engine was fitted i tryed to start the car with no success the battery was too low so at the time we put a battery on the jump leads to boost the battery on the car
the battery we used is normally used for an electric fence unit and not always the best
during the attempted starts there was a very fast clicking after looking the injector on #4 was running as fast as it could (100%) the battery voltage was at 9.4v when probed
the fact that the alternator was not charging led me to believe that on the day the engine failed the car was running on the battery where it ran low on voltage and the #4 injector flooded the #4 cylinder with fuel causing bore wash that lead to the piston getting hot and locking in the cylinder then bang went the rod
this is the only logical explanation i can see as the day before the engine was tested with a compression tester at #1-210 #2-210 #3-90 #4-210
none of the valves are bent and theres no damage to the head surface i did say to the previous owner not to drive the car till it was sorted as the alternator was not charging

so this may be something to watch out for in the future if your alternator light comes on
after jumping the car from another running car the injector went silent and the engine ran after 5-6 cranks and has run fine ever since with no lights on or codes
it sounds like a good theory to me, but if it was dumping loads of fuel n there was a spark why didnt it ignite?

are you stripping the other engine to see what can be salvaged? id still be interested in a head swap (you know a limited edition head with signiture n C.O.A)


Stupid Bollocks
it sounds like a good theory to me, but if it was dumping loads of fuel n there was a spark why didnt it ignite?

are you stripping the other engine to see what can be salvaged? id still be interested in a head swap (you know a limited edition head with signiture n C.O.A)
i dont think there was enough power to give a spark there were no back fires at the time of trying to get it running
the old block has now been dragged into the batcave for examination time is limited this week with total vauxhall coming friday and then getting the car ready for pvs so will look at it on monday the 9th :) i booked the day off work to recover from being soaked thur all day at pvs :)

will work something out with the head :) it would need new valves and guides and a pair of cams