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Engine Weight?

Discussion in 'Car Discussion' started by pjevo, March 19, 2007.

  1. Hello All.

    Found an engine and want to get it delivered about 200 miles.
    What is the weight of the engine minus a few ancillaries?
    Anyone know what a reliable way of getting the engine delivered is?

  2. The weight of the engine according DIN 70020A should be 138kg without water and oil. :)
  3. hire a van for a day and go get it yourself ^^
  4. Thanks guys.
    Picked up a nice shiney 3K engine today for not much really and picked it up in a hire van.
    Took some rubbish down the tip as well - so missus is pleased!

    Yeah - 140kg felt about right as I took it out of the back of the van...!
  5. glad you got it ok :D

    remember to check the chain :(
  6. The engine was out of a Vx220 with only 3000 miles on the clock.............So I am assuming chain is okay, however......
  7. might be worth checking the oil jet, if it's the small type fit the later version

    plus an oil and filter change