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Wanted Engine Sump

Discussion in 'Wanted Stuff' started by IDI AMIN, May 30, 2017.

  1. The Good news is i done my first helicoil last night a couple of the threads were done and needed re - threading.

    The bad news is i damaged the sump removing it. One of the bolts was left, underneath the crank pulley.

    So broke a piece of the sump off. Fu##ing nightmare. I am wondering if anyone has a sump for sale

    I attempted a repair on it with unibond but when tightening the bolts up i heard a crack . after putting it together and starting engine there is a big puddle of oil it is leaking bad .

    The worst thing is i was supposed to be starting a new job today. This will not look good.

    I had an engine at a relative's workplace, i'm not sure if it will still be there, so need to know if someone has one on standby if possible. And the cost
  2. has it got sensor in sump , £20 posted if any good,,,,,,,,,,
  3. Thanks for your offer Mr Figo, But i ordered one on ebay yesterday morning. it arrived today while i was at work my neighbour took it in for me cost £25

    I had a sump at my uncles place. it was a vx220 sump so it does not have the oil sensor inside and where it should be was blanked off so i thought i could drill the hole etc and use a burr to finish it off but it was a little too tight and i was trying to tap in the sensor but ended up destroying it. Typical me.

    So i have a job for tomorrow or Saturday
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