engine mount

ob one

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does anyone know the part number for the engine mount for 2001 zafira z22se auto vauxhall say have 2 but not sure which


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Hi ob one,

Looks like Vauxhall are correct, No. 8 in diagram is showing two part numbers, so I would imagine it depends on your VIN number as to which one is required. Do you know if there is a part number stamped on it?


Referring to the diagram above;
8. 90539246 - Bracket, Right Engine Mounting
8. 92097031 - Bracket, Right Engine Mounting (IDENT CF) (RAYONG)
9. 9156986 - Support, Right Engine Mounting
10. 9223092 - Screw, Torx, M10 X 55, with Washer, Bracket to Support (x3)

Hope this may help :)