engine b207r in z22se

Hi all.
In this thread I inform you of my next modification, the idea is to make a z22se with cylinder head of b207r and connecting rods and pistons of z22yh.

but I have several doubts, and see if you can help me.

1) The cranks and pistons of the z22yh, are they valid for block and crankshaft of z22se?
2) What is the difference between the z22se and b207r cylinder head?
3) Is it necessary to make any modification to the b207r cylinder head?
4) what power would this configuration achieve, with counter-rotating trees removed, cr 11: 1, 2.4 intake manifolds, and cylinder head porting and polishing?

thank you very much
the crank on the yh has a different trigger wheel from the se one and will not work with the se ECU. but you can use yh rods and pistons on the se crank with an se block.
the b207 head has the longer exhaust camshaft with a drive in the end for the brake vacuum pump. vocky used to make the parts to blank this and use the se cam cover.
if you use the b207 cam cover you need to grind bits out to fit the se coil pack.
some people have claimed to reach 200bhp peak with these mods but no proof.
mine is standard cr with ported head, stock 2.2 manifold, tubular exhaust manifold, full 2.5" exhaust with 2 silencers and a 200cpi cat, balancer shafts removed and schrick cams. makes good power through out the range. been told the 2.4 manifold looses some of the mid range power and torque and is more top end over 5500 rpm so not much good for road use. i very rarely go over 3,500 rpm most of the time i'm below 2,500 rpm.