Electric water pump info ?


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So then big V,

I see you are using some yank special water pump as the main coolant pump... What is it and where from (ie dealer not country lol).

Are there a LOT of changes that 'need' to be made to repalce the std item, or can it simply be a take off from the old housing, to pump to thermostat housing ?

What of the old pump needs leaving in to keep oil/water ways happy?
And I think I saw its got 10K hours MTBF.... is that really believeable for a car thats used daily for approx 15Kmiles/year?

As I couldnt see in your build thread the exact steps for the water pump bit :)

It makes sense if I want to do the chain again, and drop the engine to take the balancers out + bin off the water pump in one hit.
I used the Stewart pump (y)

http://www.stewartcomponents.net/Mercha ... =ElectPump

I removed the original water pump and moved the thermostat to the engines outlet, this made the conversion much more complicated than perhaps necessary, so I didn't post much info :silent:

You could remove the original water pumps impellor, remove original thermostat, fit new pump above the gearbox, fit a remote thermosat housing before the pump and plumb the heater return into the pipe between the new thermostat and new pump - the heater circuit is a bypass and must flow through the electric pump at all times dunno..


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so the original pump can be 100% removed with no problems/stuff needing to be blocked up?

I'd like to change the way the heater return comes in as it goes onto the back of the stat and shuts the damn thing if you are pulling a lot of heat out for the cabin (as I found out with my heater box rebuild).

will look into it as if its reliable its the same price as a normal pump + chain kit lol and means more fun mods lol

oh, E558 or E389?
When putting the water pump in is it fine to leave the balance shafts in and just remove bottom chain? I would think it's fine but better ask incase.

I'm getting a noise at bottom end chain area is why I'm doing this mod because i think the bottom end tensioner has gone or broken chain guide.

Many thanks


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in the pic ""after 2"" the factory cts stays in the thermostat housing and the booster pump pushes the hot water over the cts so it gets a proper reading
the cts for the ewp was fitted on the exit of the head so the fan turns off after the water in the engine reaches the set temp

water pump blanked and balancer chain tensioner blanked

the engine only has one chain and relies sollly on the ewp for cooling as been in and functional for 10k miles to date with nice toasty heaters :)