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Eibach pro kit feels rough?

Discussion in 'Wheels, Tyres & Suspension' started by Appie07, November 6, 2017.

  1. I read everywhere that the ride with eibach pro kit is really good. Some even say it is better than stock

    But mine feels rough, feeling almost every bump after installing them.

    Am I doing something wrong over here ?:cry::cry:
  2. I've got the pro kit too.
    The front OEM spring rate is 24N/mm, the eibachs in the pro kit are 30N/mm therefore they are 25% stiffer.
    The bilstein B8 shocks are firmer too.
    Therefore the ride quality is nowhere near as good with the pro kit, but you will benefit with better body control at speed.
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  3. Ahh I get it now. I just read multiple times on this form that the ride is great and better than oem. I guess it differs which road one drives on.

    Thanks for the clearing up (y)(y)
  4. they are a lot stiff to ride over stock set up and as your stock set up was most likely worn and softer then when it was new it will seem really hard now.
    I'm on B12 kits and they are much better than stock, you do feel more of the road though.
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