EGR Cheater/Temp Sensor

Ok, Couple of things to ask...Having problems with a really erratic idle, so to freshen the car up a bit ive changed the plugs/filters etc. I have also ordered a new ECU temp sensor (not the guage temp sensor) as ive been told because the revs seems to bounce up and down like its over fueling and this can sometimes cause it (and for £8 its worth a crack) So first question is...

Roughly were is this located?, having trouble finding it in haines book of lies...

Second question, the EGR cheater, is this simply a plug in job or is there soldering involved? Also, is this for all Z22SE engines I have a 2001 X plate


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coolant semp sensor is below the egr valve roughly

follow harness wires from right side of head and it is a 2 pin connection going into the thermostat housing
Hi. Can I purchase one of your egr cheat electronic box?
The website/forum used to have a shop where you could purchase the egr cheater.

The shop has been closed for a few years now.

Best bet would be to look on E bay there is someone on there who sells them.

Also check out the facebook forum for some more info . there is possibly a member on there who sells them.