ECU needed!!

Anyone got an ECU laying around? I don't seem to have spark or fuel and Torque can't even seem to find ECU. Figure that's my issue. Drove the car out the garage, moved the rear earth strap to it's correct position, seem to have broken the brown wire capacitor thing and now it won't start!!


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If you need a new ECU then you'll also require the corresponding chip (for the key fob) and transponder plus you then have to 'marry' it to your car with GM's Tech2. :)
Fantastic. Thank you very much mate :) useful as always :) and yes it was a matching set. 2 keys, chips, a ring and the ECU. But still wasn't working. After my 2 nightshifts I'm gonna crack on Wednesday getting it up on stands and check all the earth's as well as the pins on the ECU if no joy with earth's. I just don't understand what has happened just from touching the earth strap and (I believe) the suppressor.
It maybe worth checking the two purple relays in the black box that sits on top of the ABS module, one is the engine management relay, the other is the fuel pump relay.
Ensure ignition is off otherwise you'll get an EML on, take them out, lightly rub the terminals with some emery paper then smear a thin coat of petroleum jelly on the terminals and replace. If either of the relays look swollen or are a browny colour then renew.