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Eaton M90 / Harrop TVS1900 Supercharger on Z22SE ?

Discussion in 'Supercharger' started by Marty64, March 21, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys ;)

    Does M90 Eaton supercharger will fit on our Z22SE (into VX220) ? And what benefits/looses betwen M62 and Harrop ?
    Cause m90 are cheaper than Harrop TVS 1320 !!
    Want to use it with deutch firmware.

  2. the m90 is not shaped to fit like the eaton m62 lsj or tvs 1320 lsj
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  3. You'r right Evo (y),

    Found on CobaltSS that was done on a L61 engine but must make a home-made intake manifold , relocate oil filter and make a second aux belt adaptater. :cry:


    MP90 option is banned now ^^

    Now, the question is if i stay on M62 SC (2.8" pulley) or go for TVS1320 (3")
    TVS1320 out more air but more heat also at high rpm.

    Is this feasable to plan 300HP+ with M62 + 2.8" + Dualpass + Good Inj. ?

    And what about the TVS1900 ?

    without worrying about the price :nailbiting:

    There is no bypass output ?!
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  4. have you seen the 1900 fitted ? the astra and vx220 dont have room for them

    i know a guy thats just fitted one
    2000cc injectors lol and nos
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  5. OMG !
    1900 is a big monster !
    US cars have more space than our EU, they can sit a man in front, behind engine and each wing side ! :ROFLMAO:
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  6. The Harrop 1320 only just fits in a vx
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  7. i did say there was no room for the 1900 in either :)
    the 1900 has a reversible bypass valve but when fitted it would be on the bonnet or touching the rad in the astra


    saying that looking at the front holes its not as far forward as i 1st thought MMMM 450hp at 8psi lol
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  8. There is a 1900 Harrop LSJ available
    But a 1.9 litre SC on a 2.2 motor with a manifold which is barely good enough to cool the 1.0 M62 ??
  9. theres no official tvs 1900 lsj like there is with the 1350
    this pic above are a cnc machined throttle snout and face plate to mount to the inlet its internally bypassed so the factory bypass hole on the inlet needs to be blocked

    you would need to use water/meth with the 1900 or it would melt everything lol
  10. yeah thats not an official one its the pictures ive posted above ottp have made the t/b snout and mounting plate to bolt to an off the shelf v8 tvs :)
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  12. I cant veiw the pic/pics , I just get pop up after pop up if I click on the link.
  13. :)
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  14. I have had Dual pass fitted since i super charged it its another end plate i had .
    Vocky will be building my engine to go with the 1900, I am going gen 3 block 2.4 girdled ,2.4 crank ,Carrillo rods ,new cams ,new pistons haven't decided make .yet ,will be keeping my head of my engine as its go oversized valves and double springs etc and Neil has ported the hell out of it .
    will be fitting water injection have it fitted already but need the aqua mist kit for better control .
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  15. i need to get a meth solenoid the one way valve wont hold shut but i can wire the solenoid to the aem ecu and have 100% control of the flow
    im also looking at single pass but dont have a tig welder so cant diy atm lol
    future planes keep my over ported head with +1mm valves and get a gen1 block with tjp liners
    even with the 8.9:1 pistons the +1mm valves and a skim make it close to 10.0:1 cr :confused:
  16. Single pass what would you plans be for this as i have a very friendly alli welder down the road and he charges peanuts ,have got loads of intake end plates and a spare intake manifold in the Garage .