Did I get scammed?? - Z22SE tensioner

going by your video it sounds like the cam chain tensioner has seized, fit the genuine chain kits from the above ebay link.
water pump is also a good idea, Autovaux are the cheapest for that - again insist on genuine part

I would not bother with the lifters or big end bearings.
Car going for a full change swap soon.

Vocky you said that I shouldn't touch the big end bearings.

The car may have run low on oil once, but not that low that the oil lamp came up. I am just super afraid that it went. :cry::cry:

I thought by changing them I might also possibly see the state of the crank.

What you think?
I forgot to update this.

It turned out that the chain extended. For some reason. Strange because it was changed not that long ago.

The oil pump also had some markings on them together with the crankshaft bearings. Perhaps oil starvation ?

These were all changed. Now the car does not make the sound anymore :)
there are about 50 or more engines running without balancer shafts in the UK, hundreds worldwide, with no ill effects reported.

Some confuse lumpy cams with not having balancer shafts, but the balancer shafts really don't make much difference to vibration