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Did I get scammed?? - Z22SE tensioner

Discussion in 'Cam Chains' started by Appie07, July 14, 2017.

  1. Thank you Vocky,

    I see that I should take a genuine water pump too.

    Is there anything else I should replace next to the water pump while its open anyway?
  2. Car going for a full change swap soon.

    Vocky you said that I shouldn't touch the big end bearings.

    The car may have run low on oil once, but not that low that the oil lamp came up. I am just super afraid that it went. :cry::cry:

    I thought by changing them I might also possibly see the state of the crank.

    What you think?
  3. Whoops. Double post. Can someone throw this message in the bin ?:)
  4. To inspect the crank and bearings requires quite a lot more work than just renewing the chains.
  5. Sorry my English is not the best.

    I meant the big end bearings. I read that you can generally see some signs on it if you look at the old ones.
  6. you will need to replace the big end bolts if you drop the sump to inspect the bearings, best to listen instead for any knocking at 2000 rpm
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