Dewis Motorsport's daily bomber

They have just got one at my work place (council), but theyhave t go ona course t learn about it all first. So as soonas theyve done that whos gonna b the first customer at 0530 in d morn hehehehe well customers pay i wont be. I will let the "practise" on mine.
MOT time is due so decided to fix a few bits but also upgrade parts while I was at it.
Car needed a couple of cv gaiters but decided to convert it to the split shaft setup as I prefer how it drives with that. Also changed the wishbones to pretty new ones (used for a short time on my other blue coupe) new track rod ends, new ish drop links and a cv joint.

Stripped one side down

Car drives like new again, makes such a difference having everything stiff.

Flexy joint had developed a blow so quickly welded a new one in.

Cars booked in for a MOT Monday so fingers crossed