Dewis Motorsport's daily bomber

Treated the daily to a few bits that were cheap, found a second hand set of solid subframe bushes so plan to fit them when I get round to doing the gearbox change. Also got a vectra C larger intake pipe.


Currently the exhaust is blowing like a Thailand whore where it's had a bodge of a de cat done so gonna have to weld that latter and add a cheater for the lambda as the eml light is on.
Finally got round to fitting the gear stick rebuild kit, while it was apart I thought it rude not to fit a short shift adapter

Housing modded and all back together

Quick test drive and it's a lot more positive now and zero slop like it had before, was really like sturring poridge.

Now this mods quite anal but I really hated the fact the daily didn't have a boot handle strap like blue coupe did, so I kept the boot trim when I stripped it, it's a simple thing but it bugged me
Cars due it's mot on the 12th of may so decided to give it a check over, found a broken rear spring

So that's forced my hand into having to fit the coilovers I bought months back, so whipped the rears on first


Back on the ground and instantly looks loads better, plan to add spacers to the rear as wheels sit too far inboard for my liking

Whilst on the ramp I investigated the oil leak, took the coilpack off and that's what I was greated with, not a good start

Cover off and the seal around the plug had failed, looks to of been badly fitted before so previous owner must of had the cover off at some point

Also the rocker gasket has failed on the back edge sending all the oil down the back of the block

New seals in and a clean up underneath and it appears to be all fixed. Will fit the front coilovers tomorrow as I'm hungry and want to go home :ROFLMAO:
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What did i say about slipper slope. Its lowered, shirt shifter on. It will be charged in no time ;)
:ROFLMAO: always planned to lower it :p I've had the coilovers months, basically it's getting a bit of loving, so the new standard wishbones I bought for the blue one will be going on here as well as the drop links and brakes..................:whistle: pretty much just gonna end up a back up track car like the last one :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
So got the front coilovers built up with new bearings and both top mounts

All fitted up

Also fitted the blue coupes rear discs and calipers, as the ones on there were wearing un even and the discs had big lips, now runs dimpled and grooved discs and yellow stuff pads, also fitted some spare 12mm spacers to push the wheels out more, crap picture but I forgot to get one when the wheel was off :(:ROFLMAO:

All bleed up and tracking done, even treated it to a wash :eek:

Car looks and feels so much better, a lot more planted and the brakes actually work as they should, pretty much ready for its mot on Tuesday :nailbiting:
After years of wanting one but for some reason never buying one I finally brought myself a Parrot hands free kit. Went for the top of the range model as it incorporates the music system as well

While I was fitting it I finally got round to fitting the black centre console and all black gear and handbrake gaiters. Just need to stick the wire to the screen down when I get back to work (y)
Just a word of caution. I had one and used to get issues with the remote not working. Would require re-syncing to make it work but even then the unit wouldn't always respond when the remote was pressed. Also if you fitted it yourself you may have issues with the warranty. I had a heated argument with a supplier locally when my unit under the dash went up the creek.
Just a word of caution. I had one and used to get issues with the remote not working. Would require re-syncing to make it work but even then the unit wouldn't always respond when the remote was pressed. Also if you fitted it yourself you may have issues with the warranty. I had a heated argument with a supplier locally when my unit under the dash went up the creek.
So far so good all works mint. Fingers crossed it stays reliable
So after 17k miles done since last mot it was time to get it through the dreaded test again.

Standard brakes had come to the end of their life so time for a upgrade.

I still had my old 308mm discs and calipers, I gave them a sandblast and a quick spray and fitted some DS2500 pads. Also bought some yellow stuff for the rears.

Swapped the passenger driveshaft for a spare as the inner cv joint had gone due to the gaiter splitting and running dry of grease. All fitted



Replaced the handbrake cables, fitted new white LED's to the dash as the mileage display wasn't showing, swapped onto my spare wheels as tyres were low on the 17"s and sprayed the rear lights


Car sailed through the mot with no advisorys :)
Had a bit of a blow on the exhaust after catching a speed bump and then over the weekend it just kept getting worse until the point it totally failed, 3 hour drive back to work was emotional as the noise was ridiculous. Monday night after work I whipped it off and welded a spare flexy I had and a new gasket and it was purring like kitten again.


Also re gassed the aircon as its not been done since I've owned it and we've just got a new machine at work so rude not to really.


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That's pretty cool to have an aircon machine at work (sorry for the pun). Some places are now charging ridiculous prices to have an aircon service.