Dewis Motorsport's daily bomber

Welcome the new daily bomber, 84k miles SE2 bertone






Genuine straight car, almost FSH from Vauxhall including a top end rebuild after a chain fail I assume. MOT till July. Sold with a crunch into 3rd and a bargain price of £550 :)

Collected it with the pickup and dolly but forgot how short the light board was :facepalm::ROFLMAO: Sniper tape to the rescue and we were on the road.

I've already secured a new gearbox and hopefully the correct colour wing mirrors. Also need a spoiler for it as that's just a silver item and not the pearl type paint. Will get a new gear gaiter as the red is awful, also came with a dodgy carbon wrap on the lower console which has been ripped straight off :poop:

Swapped my stereo and sub and amp over and now the blue coupe is off the road I will be nicking parts off it to make this minter.

I've already ordered some new coilovers, top mounts, bearings and strut tops :whistle: Car will also be getting the updated turbo brakes all round off the blue coupe.
Looks like a good clean car. (y)
Strange how the mirror colour appears to be much darker in the first photo than in the fourth.
I think it's the lighting doing it. 1st pic is indoors probably fluorescent lighting, the 4th pic is under natural light. You usually notice it on bumpers more often.
It's like 2 completely different colours

Nice car though. Interior is quite smart.
Someone blind painted the mirrors, I've bought some more but fear there the wrong colour, my mate owns a body shop so will drop them off to him to paint if need be.

The interior is marmite but I actually really like it.
Currently the cars sitting like a 4x4 so ordered some JOM coilovers, had these on the other coupe for a while and they were great uprated by 30% so not overly harsh for a road car. Got new bearings, top mounts and strut tops as just makes sense while it's all apart

Also bought a repair kit for the gearstick as there is a usual play and this worked great on my other car
Car looks realy good for 550 quid. Bit jealous how cars allways seem to be so frickin cheap in the UK compared to Europe...
Over here a SR20DET engine costs about 1500-2000 euro... You buy a complete 200sx for that money in the UK lol.

Good luck with the progress.