decat or not


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hi I've already got a sports cat on the old girl but would like a little Pop/bang on over run

Would a decat make here Pop ?
I have a decat on mine but i have a turbo aswell so cant comment on what difference it makes cos i fitted them both at the same time. I think a sport cat is the best option as u gain abit but dont have mot issues


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I've got a sports cat already Dave and a full stainless system I don't mind messing about before MOT time just want a little pop every now and then lol

I'd love a turbo that's the proper way to do it


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I was thinking about that I can get hold of a brand new mini charger for £300 .
It's not that much of a job to do is it just need to surce a intake manifold and a remap .I've read MILOS thread a cupple times. It's deffo Suttin I would like to do :)


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Bought 2m long pice of exhaust pipe today to play about with centre section as I'm sick of it blowing and catching when I go on and of my driveway

What's people's thought on a decat and a very small centre silencer or a straight pipe is it load/raspy any one done it before sure some one can advice me :D
I did a decat on the corsa while I had the 3" system on it, blew the cat clean out the back and it was stupidly loud even driving slow. under 2.5k could be heard 4 miles away behind closed doors. popped and banged like crazy on run down.
2.5" down pipe with 200cpi cat and decent 2.5" system. mines back to this now until I save for a 3" system to be made.

this is with 2-3 layers of sound proofing inside the car, more on the doors and floor :(
get loads of complaints about it being to loud. :rolleyes:


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Thanks lads I've got a 200cell wolf race cat and a powerflow back box don't think it's small tho Dave i would like a pop and bang tho
But don't want it silly loud tho like yours was corsaz22. Your SC sounds awesome corsa
So does yours Dave what's it like to drive daily bet the turbo sounds good (y)
I dont know. Since i fitted the turbo the clutch slipped.

now iv spent about £550 on lightened flywheel, clutch and astra gearbox.

balance shaft delete and new chains

and a new z22yh crank and bearings iv got tobed it all in (with no boost) and no insurance so i cant drive it. Im gagging to see what its like lol.


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£550 good price that for all that
It's should go well with all the work you've done would drive me crazy not being able to drive it :grumpy:

I'd like to do the balance shaft delete but it's my daily drive and have no time to do it but doing my piston rings at some point hopefully in 1 day I've enlisted a tech from work to help lol just to speed it all up be silly not to do it then but need to research it before hand


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The engine not coming out mate doing them from the top

I've got new valve seals but might not do them as I get no smoke upon start up even after being left for a weekend

The head got skimmed just before I got it as it blew the head gasket. but don't no what other work was done I no the chain didn't get done tho but that's fine at the moment no rattles on cold start