Dead instrument backlight

I have a problem with my instrument cluster baclight,it is not lighting up. I have checked fuse and it is not blown,the instruments are functioning as per normal.My headlightswitch is working,I can switch on the parklights and headlights but am unable to switch on my fog lights and the rear fog lights,the headlight level adjustment and the dimmer is also not functioning.
The car is an Astra G 2004 model.
Do you guys think it could be the headlight switch module that is faulty,anyone have a wiring diagram or pin out so I can test it.
Any ideas what the problem could be?
Thanks for the help.
Hi guys, managed to get this sorted, turned out the problem was the license plate light that shaked loose and caused the fuse to blow. Low and behold secured loose holder and replaced the fuse and voila the dash backlight and the front and rear fog lights are working again.