Coupe Window not dropping

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Hi all,

The drivers side window on my coupe does not drop when the door opens, passenger is fine. Obviously the drivers side doesn't rise either as its not dropped. Tried resetting the window, by taking it all the way down then all the way up a few times to adjust. Did this to the passenger and that one was fine.

Any thoughts? I presume there is a switch that is connected to the window for when the door opens and closes?

Thanks in advance


Stupid Bollocks
may be a bad connection at the connector in the door hinge area
just checked with mine its up/down when open so its not switched or anything

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Hmm will have to have a looky, will look on EPC too, to see if there is anything on that. Interior lights come on when opened and closed so no change there?


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I do remember making sure the passenger one worked at the time of placing the battery back on the car, however I do not remember doing the 5 sec thing on it though. Oh well (y)
Please can anyone help, i tried to hold the button up for 5 seconds but it did not work, it still does not auto drop, is there a specific sequence to follow ? should i perhaps leave it up for 20 seconds ?
ok thanks
The driver side door light does not work which was led to the conclusion the the switch must be faulty yes as the switch controls the auto up and driver door light ?

I found that if i open both doors the driver side door light goes on, but if the passenger door is closed, and the driver side door is open the driver side door light does not work. It only works if both doors are open.

perhaps i have a faulty switch ?
I'd look at the door lock latch inside the door i had to replace my pass one for doin the same. it has sensors so when you lift the handle it drops the window.