Corsa C Z22se Sri

Well, as i'm not at work yet and have free time on my hands I started the rework of the 3.54:1 F23.
found out why she was crunchy on shifting in to 2nd. worn blocker ring and broken selector hub.
Pulled the box from an ex post office Combo van. what you get for £50 i guess.
Got a mint Vectra B box for parts so she will go again.
£300 for a complete selector set from Vauxhall :eek::eek:
Lucky the magnet caught all the bits (y)
no, it's always been the plan.
she's just a test bed to see if it works.
looking for the right car now to swap it all in to then scrap the red shed.
or may be put her back to standard and use as a daily?