Corsa C Z22se Sri

I been following this build for years. Really impressed! I prefer it now than when it was a 2.0 T going flat out down the autobahn heading to irmscher back in 2008!
so does steve ;) was a good car back then but its great now. the first uk z20let and the worlds first z22se corsa C :D

Its a 51 very late vectra b.
should have the f23 then, just ecu to get around. is your Vectra fly by wire or cable?
pulled engine out yesturday to fit astra 3.95:1 final drive just for a bit of fun and to see if the atb dif will help control it so i can get some power down?:confused:
going to rebuild old box with the 3.54:1 final drive and mix and match gears from a corsa van's set and a vectra b sri to get a tall top gear but better acceleration in lower gears.
reassemble it all today and try to sort long term wiring fault? :confused:
got the box back together and back in, then thought i would try and sort the wiring out, re route reverse switch wire like a factory f23 corsa c's down the back with abs wire not over the top of the box.
tidied up engine front loom while rads were out of the way.
and after 4.5 years of having faults codes come up after bulb check decided it was time to address this.
simple fix, added a third engine power supply relay :)
time for an update.
not much has happened apart from lots of fun driving her around.
down sized the audio kit to 1 sub and 1 5 channel amp.
now running a JL HD900/5 amp run as 3 channel, JL C5 front components and a JL 12" CP112-W0v3 sub. the sub will be swapped out for a 12" W6v3 D4 sub once i make a box for it.
fitted hydro dipped wiper arms.

still need to tidy wiring up but not sure how it's all going to fit with new box?