Corsa C Z22SE fitting Guide

As i keep getting asked how to fit the Z22SE in to a Corsa C and many don't use any search features on the internet and forums i thought i would try and do a guide as to how i have done mine.
It will not be picture heavy as i don't have a very good camera and have the time when doing the builds to stop and take photo's.
I will try to include part numbers of any parts used to help. I buy my parts from main dealers, LMF and Autovaux, try to use genuine GM parts as much as i can so don't ask where to get the parts from.
As i said this is how i have done both of my Z22SE Corsa C's if you choose to do it a different way don't ask me if it will work, this way works!

To start you need to remove the engine, gearbox, subframe, front bumper, crash bar, cooling pack and un clip the wiring loom from the r/h side from abs and light unit to give maximum space to work, head lamps can also be removed to help when it comes to wiring.

its a good idea to clean the bay at this point while you have the space.
while the bay is empty you need to re spare the O/S/front brake line which goes across the back of the bay so it clears the exhaust manifold, the lower green pipe in above image, the z bend needs to be as far to the O/S as possible so it clears the manifold.
next is to re shape the fuel lines and add a return fuel line back to tank as the Corsa only runs 1 fuel line with its fpr in the tank. both lines need to come up by the O/S suspension turret. i have found either Vectra B or Astra G Z22SE engine Bay fuel lines work with a bit of re shaping.

here you can see the brake line covered in heat wrap and bent over the top of manifold.

Z22SE > Corsa C

Parts list

1x Suitable Z22SE engine complete with loom and as much engine to body loom as possible

1x F23 gearbox from Astra G, or Zafira A. other will fit with mods.

1x Vectra B O/S drive shaft complete

1x N/S drive shaft from any Z22SE car (only need a pair of CV joints)

1x Corsa B 2.0L 16V N/S drive shaft (just the shaft)

1x cable gear shifter set, ideal is from Corsa C with F23 gearbox but any will work

1x ECU set, key chip, transponder, ECU, code set and throttle pedal if Vectra B

2x front hubs for large CV joints

1x Z22SE exhaust down pipe or parts to make one

Assorted fuel lines, front to rear

Both engine bay fuel lines to under body joint from Astra G or Vectra B Z22SE

1x Astra G air inlet tube 24408176

1x air filter, enclose cone type or similar

1x Brake servo vacuum line from Z22SE car

1x Brake servo line from Corsa C Z12XEP or Z14XEP

1x Corsa C front sub frame with front engine mount clevis (Corsa C 1.7 CDTI is the strongest one)

1x red 12V dash lamp for oil pressure light

Loom tape

Extra wiring loom (pull as much as you can from donner car)

Heat shrink tube

Solder wire

Various nuts, bolts, pipe clamps, clips, fuel hose, all can be saved from donner car

Small sized heat wrap tube for brake lines.

Engine Mounts

Corsa C 1.7 CDTI

1x 24463131 rear mount

1x 24463130 rearmount

1x 24463127 N/S wing mount

Astra G Z22SE

1x 91569651 front mount

1x 9227958 O/S engine mount

1x 90539246 O/S engine mount

1x 9156986 O/S engine mount

1x M12x1.75 x 50mm counter sink screw

1x VibraTechnics front rubber mount for Astra G GSI

1x Corsa C Z20LET N/S gearbox top mount plate

Radiator and hose’s

1x Radiator from Corsa C Z14xe 9201958 with cooling fan

Or from Corsa C Z18XE 93177424 with cooling fan

Or from Vectra B Z22se with cooling fan and wiring loom

From Corsa C Z14XE

1x 24423509 heater inlet hose

1x 24423513 heater outlet hose

1x 24409351 pipe clip (holds hose’s tidy)

1x radiator to header tank vent hose from any Corsa C

From Vectra B Z22SE

1x 9129491 bottom rad hose

1x 90537387 top rad hose

1x 24437235 engine vent hose
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next step is to modify the fuel lines and remove the FPR from in side the tank.
this is a good time to upgrade the stock fuel pump while its all apart, you will need to do this if you plan on going anything more than stock or mild N/A tune.
the fuel tank top like most Vauxhalls can be accessed through the cover under the rear seats, make sure you have plenty of rag handy and a container for parts to catch any spills.
once you have disconnected the tank top plate (2x fuel lines 1x wiring plug) lift it off and disconnect the hose's and wiring from the under side.
now you need to remove and discard the FPR as the Z22SE has this on the fuel rail.

fit a new pump if you are going to, then re fit the top plate and hose's and wiring. i use a smear of petroleum jelly (bum lube) to help with re fitting pipes and the top plate seal.
now to under the car, firstly locate the fuel filter, on O/S rear just in front of rear axle beam pivot. you will see a Y or T pipe fitting here, disconnect this and reconnect the pipe from the front of the car back to filter, good idea to replace the filter now as well. the Y or T fitting can be cut off the other pipe as this will be the fuel return from engine to tank.
fuel lines.PNG

pipe 6 on image is the return to tank with Y or T piece.
now you need to run a new fuel line back to the engine bay along side the existing 2 lines (supply to engine and fuel tank vent line) for fuel return to tank.
i used some old pipe from either a Vectra B or Corsa C that i had from past cars i have scrapped.
either use pipe clips item 12 in above image or cable ties to keep the new line in place.
now on to mounting the engine and F23 gear box.
you will need a box from either astra or zafira which both heve the top mount for N/S upper mount or swap parts around with a corsa 1.7 CDTI F23 to use the 3.54:1 ratio gear set which i find suits both n/a and forced very well the Astra F23 3.94:1 ratio set tends to leave a corsa a little high revving in my opinion and not so good on fuel.
the bell housing end may need extra holes drilling and tapping M12 x 1.75mm depending on the car its come from. there are lugs/bosses here for this just not all are threaded.

this hex hole here needs to be drilled out to M12 x 1.75mm

then the top mount area needs to be ground back to give more clearance once in the bay

before above, after below

there is also a lug on the rear of the box which need to come of and be ground flush

before above, after below
on to engine mounts,
from Corsa C 1.7 CDTI,
cdti mounts.PNG

item 21 rear torque fork, 24463131 i also fitted a solid rubber bush in this and it works well (think it was from a vibra technics Vectra B top torque mount?)
item 25 rear gearbox mount, 24463130
item 9 N/S mount, 24463127 just need the rubber mount and it housing here as you need the Z20let :)yuck:) conversion mount plate to bolt to gear box. also you need to remove approx 4-5mm from the center boss to allow more room.

i got mine from LMF Vauxhall
ns mount.jpg

O/S engine mount and front engine mounts are from Astra G Z22SE
Astra G mounts.PNG

item 1 front mount 9156951 i fitted a vibratechnics Astra G GSI rubber to mine.
item 6 O/S engine mount rubber 9227958 you will need 6mm spacers under this mount to the inner wing.
item 8 O/S engine mount lug 90539246
item 9 O/S engine mount bracket 9156986 this needs rear upper hole counter sinking to allow it to clear chassis leg.
os engine.jpg
os mount.jpg

the front mount has to be moved on the sub frame, cut off and re welded in to correct location. i found lifting the engine once all other mounts were on around 10mmat the front then bolting it on and the plates to sub frame let it sit just right once weight was on it. i used Corsa C 1.7 CDTI sub frame as is stronger than all the other ones.
sub frame.jpg

front mount in place, this is the only welding needed to the car.
front mount.jpg
once you have the engine mounted next step is to fit the drive shafts.
O/S is from a Vectra B Z22SE, use this complete as it is.
N/S use's the CV joints from any Z22SE car but with the shaft from a 2.0L 16V motor sport shaft for a Corsa B. (i got mine from LMF Vauxhall)
the wheel hubs can be conversion type as used on other Corsa's with the larger CV joints, again from LMF or similar source. these allow for the use of standard front wheel bearings.
front hub.PNG

item 1 above is the hub, i have been told that if you use 4 stud hubs from say a MK3 Cavilier 2.0L 16V and Corsa C 1.7 CDTI steering Knuckles, item 8 above you can use the standard 1.7 CDTI bearing and its a lot stronger or get the petrol engined steering knuckles machined out to take the CDTI bearing. i have not yet tried this way but as soon as i find the parts i will be as the standard set up with smaller bearings are prone to short wheel bearing life.

now on to the down pipe and exhaust,
i have found that the Piper and Lexmaul systems both in 2.5" fit well on the Corsa and if you plan on tuning the car which i'm sure you will be you will need this bore.
there is no down pipe off the shelf that will be a direct fit on the Corsa, i made both of mine from preformed bends, flexi pipe. 200cpi cat, lambda bosses and used the manifold to down pipe flange from a standard Z22SE on the 2.5" down pipe but made a 3" bore flange for the supercharged Corsa and run 3" up to the cat.
2.5" is top photo
3" is bottom photo

so lets now start with some of the basic engine wiring,
main power, alternator, starter and oil pressure switch.
i used the Z12XE battery leads, re routed down the N/S inner wing and across the front of the engine to starter and alternator with the earth bolted on to one of the bell housing bolts.
the alternator trigger and starter switch can be pulled back from the Corsa's standard place next to brake servo, remove the plug and pull wires (blue/white & black/red) back across the loom under windscreen, in to fuse box and be taken out the front of the fuse box then up to top of engine.
while you are doing this its also good to route a wire (blue/green) into the car for oil pressure light as its not supported on Z22SE ECU so dash light will not work.
and to re route the reverse light wires from the front of the gear box to the rear by pulling them back into fuse box and out the back and down the loom to N/S ABS sensor. you do not need to do this if your Corsa had the F23 gearbox anyway.
the oil pressure (blue/green), alternator trigger (blue/white) starter trigger (black/red) and engine electrics (blue/red) wires can be joined in the grey 6 pin plug found on the Z22SE engine loom, this not only keeps it looking stock but makes removing engine in future much easier.
i mounted the oil pressure light next to cigarette lighter, you will need to find an ignition live (black) to go to the 12V red bulb/lamp for this and the other side is from engine (blue/green) wire.
the rest of the wiring can wait until the last job.

the gear linkage and lambda sensors can be connected at this stage.
the gear linkage is cable so and set for the F23 will work, however i have found the Corsa C 1.7 CDTI set fit the best due to length.
Radiator and Cooling system
i have not yet done one with AC but that is on the cards.
i have used a Vectra B Z22SE radiator and fan with Corsa C lower mounts, and custom made top mounts in one car and a Corsa C Z14XE radiator (part No 9201958) in the supercharged Corsa (the Z18XE radiator looks very similar part No 93177424) this has twin KenLowe 10" slim line fans and keeps cooling spot on with no issues.
Image004 (2).jpg

as you can see the Vectra B radiator is slightly larger but i could not get it far enough forward to clear the supercharger's inlet manifold and charge cooling pipe work.

on to the Hose's you will need. main engine hose's are all from Vectra B Z22SE
Vectra B hoses.PNG

item 1 is the bottom radiator/return hose. 9129491
item 8 is the top radiator hose 90537387 this needs to be shorten where it goes on to the header tank (about 40-50mm) try it and see before cutting
item 12 is the engine vent hose 24437235 and goes to top of header tank.
heater hose's.PNG

heater hose's are from Z14XE Corsa C
item 15 inlet hose 24423509
item 16 pipe clamp 90572594 two required
item 17 pipe clip 24409351
item 18 outlet hose 24423513
the radiator vent hose can be from any Corsa C as it is in the same place on all models and fits with the Vectra B radiator.
air inlet and vacuum lines
air inlet if N/A,
i used the Astra G inlet tube, part no 24408176 with an enclosed cone filter but this is up to you. the Vectra B inlet pipe does not fit i have tried this.
for the brake vacuum line i used the first part from the Z22SE manifold from a Vectra B and where it clips into the second part at the Q/R joint i used the Corsa C Z12XEP or Z14XEP line to the servo unit. slight heating with hot air gun or hair drier allows the pipe to be reshaped. if you have never done this try on a scrap piece first as its easy to melt/kink the pipe.
the FPR line is as standard and depending on what car your Z22SE is from you may have other vacuum outlets on manifold to plug up.
the rocker cover breather tube to air in let is also from an Astra G or you can cut down the Vectra B pipe here.
the fuel tank vent valve can be mounted on the Astra G engine mount as there is a lug that's not used and with a small piece of ally strip a bracket can be made which allows for all the standard pipe work and wiring to reach with easy.
Image012 (2).jpg

you can see the bracket on engine mount here.
new engine.jpg

it can also be mounted to where the Corsa C air box was held down but gets in the way if you go Supercharged as this is where the second coolant bottle will go.
the final step will be the wiring,
Z12XE and Z18XE Corsa C,
using both VX220 and Vectra B ECU's
this will take me a few days to pull together all the pin outs from all 4 ECU's and all related wiring from body to engine.
also i need to present it in a way that anyone with basic auto electrical knowledge can understand.
base rules for Vauxhaull wiring colour coding is as follows,
solid brown wires = earth
solid red wires = constant 12V
solid black wires = ignition switched, come live once key is on.
any wire that has a brown as a trace (not main colour) is earth switched
any wire with a red trace is live switched
any wires which are in twisted pairs and some times with a thick shield are from sensors ie crank, abs. or are for the canbus signal.
many disagree that the Z22SE has canbus output and that the Corsa C has canbus but they both do.
you will need a full ECU, Key chip and Transponder from a Z22SE car even better if you have that cars passport card with security details for adding of new keys etc.
Corsa C Z12XE X53 ECU to body plug

Pin Number wire colour function connects to pin number other function connects to pin number

2 Brown/Violet Immobilizer 7
4 Red/White Throttle Pedal 1
5 Brown/White Throttle Pedal 5 AC pressure sensor 1
8 Grey clutch pedal switch 2 cruise control
11 Green Canbus 10 ABS/BCM Twisted with White wire from pin 43 75
13 Brown/Blue Immobilizer 2
14 Brown/Red Engine cooling relay K30A 85 Earth switch to relay
17 Red/Black Engine control relay K26 87 power to ECU
18 Red Constant 12V Fuse F2 7.5amp
19 Brown/Black Engine control relay K26 85 Earth switch to relay
20 Green Tacho/EPS 7
21 Red/Blue Throttle Pedal 2
22 Brown/Blue Throttle Pedal 4
25 Black/Yellow Stop lamp switch 4
30 Brown/Black AC compersor relay 85 Earth switch to relay
33 Red/Black Engine control relay K26 87 power to ECU
37 White/Green Throttle Pedal 6
39 Brown/White AC pressure sensor 3
43 White Canbus 11 ABS/BCM Twisted with Green wire from pin 11 99
45 Brown/Yellow AC relay K30D 85 Earth switch to relay
46 Brown/Red Fuel pump relay K35 85 Earth switch to relay
49 Red/Black Engine control relay K26 87 power to ECU
51 Black Ignition relay K30 87 power to ECU Fuse F30
53 Black/White AC pressure sensor 2
54 White/Yellow Throttle Pedal 3
56 Blue/Green Oil pressure switch X18 plug 1
59 Blue/Red Vehicle speed signal to ABS 25
62 Brown/White AC relay K30B 85 Earth switch to relay

X18 engine electrics plug
1 Blue/Green Oil Pressure switch
3 Blue/Red Fuel pump relay K35 87 Injector circuit
5 Black Engine power K50 relay 87 coil pack 2
6 Red/White Engine control relay K26 87 From fuse F33
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