Z22SE Comparison cat cams vs comp cams?

Do we have a comparison between the cams based on experiences? Are there any dynos out there with stage 1 and 2?

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I did have DBilas cams to start with, good top end power delivery but rubbish idle and no low down/mid range power. Swapped to Schrick cams and back to stock manifold from the DBilas one and picked up 6bhp top end and a much better midrange power delivery and smooth idle. Both set ups mapped by Courtenay sport as UK has no retailer who can install DBilas software or didn't back in 2003-2008. This was on the N/A build engine.

On the supercharged build I am on Comp cams stage 2 blower cam but about to switch to a stage 3 Cat cam pair mainly because I need to use the brake vacuum booster driven off the exhaust cam but hope to gain a few bhp as well?
vocky or evocarlos may be able to shed more light on to this with part numbers or profiles as well.
Are you building N/A or supercharged?
Thank you for your reply. I want to modify the N/A and searching for the best variant for me.
I don’t want to go SC and have to keep it road legal. So only Stage 1 possible here.
Schrick cams do give a very good idle and good all round power delivery. This is mine, other mods are ported head, induction filter, Tullet exhaust manifold and 2.5" piper exhaust with a 200cpi cat and custom remap.
I have been running this set up for 10+ years now no problems at all.
I have been told skimming the head to raise CR will improve the whole graph.

new engine.jpg