Coming soon - a FREE online magazine for Forum Users.....


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Subject: Coming Soon… a FREE online magazine for Car Club members

We wanted to produce an online magazine for car club members like you so we asked a number of clubs and forums what sort of things we should include. The response was positive and we received some good ideas, so the magazine is being put together at the moment.

The first edition will be out later this month and has a quick round-up of current motoring news, car club news and profiles, insurance tips, offers and a competition to win some car cleaning kit.

If you’d like a mention for yourself or your club/forum in a future edition, please submit articles, club news, a club profile, pictures of your car if you’ve done something impressive with it or it has an interesting history, event dates, etc. – basically, anything you’d like to shout about in the car club arena. It’s a good opportunity to promote your club to a potential audience of hundreds of thousands of people for FREE.

Please send items to [email protected]

And of course if your car insurance is due, please ring us now for a quote – 0800 917 2274 or 01424 200477.