Chris C Vectra supercharger build

i thought i would start thread on my go at a supercharger build

i will start with the my idea of what i want i am not after huge power numbers just want it have little more under the hood so i am work to the very bottom of the scale

so to start with the strip down


a test fit to see what needs to be adjusted

so i trimmed back the rad fan cover as it was hitting the TB and the air con system got ripped out it never worked anyway and extended the loom


the water pipe in the left took some thinking about and went to round the side of the pulley
using two pipes just need a joining section to put them together

i need to make a bracket to hold the senor on the top of the manifold


have used new hose to do all the air pipes


and added to the main inlet pipe sensor and brake servo

any major things i have missed so far shout up i am here to learn


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Looking very nice so far mate (y)

I have a sc mapped ecu for the vectra b if you are interested? Is a CS stage 2 and comes with pulley, chip, transponder and mapped to 250bhp

Also have a full dual pass charge cooler set up ready just to bolt on all hoses complete (y)


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Your sc pulley doesn't look standard. Do u know the size? Just for reference me and another lad on here are running 3.0 pulleys and we run 260. Also for the map sensor have u got the the sc one from cs as u can't use standard map sensor, If u have just take the red rubber grommet off at the end apply some tape to widen it then reapply the grommet. My map sensor is secured in with a bolt and washer I'll take a pic of mine to show u how easy it is.
I will check the pulley tomorrow I I am not sure
The map sensor is the one from CS do I was told when I got the kit it has a red rubber grommet
A pic would me great thanks


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Also Chris out of interest did cs leave the the part number sticker on your map sensor?


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That looks like the standard map sensor, mine is different to that one, also that pulley looks smaller than 3" is that tape measure hooked on the pulley? Looks like a 2.9"


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Going off the part number on the sensor it's the standard one. Not the one u can use in sc setup


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Smaller the pulley more boost it will run.

Standard cobalt ss one is 3.35" and runs 11-12psi

Courtenay stage 2 is 3.4" iirc and runs 9psi