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Mark Dj

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General chit chat in here so it does not clutter the forum up :wink: . Anyone got snow today then? snow.gif

Mark Dj

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Is this any good to you siera saphia cosworth rolling shell notsure.gif . Just found it for sale spy.gif

im selling my saph cossie shell it has doors that are deelocked +5 spare doors with door cards,boot with spoiler,spare bonnet
bonet and boot different coulor
it has 4x4 rear brakes with braided hoses
4x4 abs
the main cars wiring loom not engine
rear drive shafts
side skirts
front and rear lights
its white
un fortnetly its a rolling shell that wont roll the whells are my mates and he needs them back so cant sell them
it has light front end damage just nees wings and slam panel that are very cheap
has front bumper with fogs
koni adjustable front suspension
has loads of history with it and i have log book and reg so can be put back on road easly

looking for 550 ono