Chemical Guys Premium Blue Rim & Wheel Cleaner


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Chemical Guys Wheel & Rim Cleaner will outshine and out clean not only your wheels but your expectations as well.

Premium Blue unlike many alternative products dissolves grime and brake dust without damaging your alloys. It a highly effective wheel cleaner that can also double up as a high quality degreaser to safely remove brake dust, oxidisation, dirt oil and grime. Made from a unique non Hydrofluoric Acid formula it makes painted alloys shine like new.

This is a factory approved way to remove brake dust safely and effectively. Like all Chemical Guys products this is nononsense and does the job in hand very effectively without all the fancy packaging. The product can be dilluted 4:1 which means one bottle will be enough for 1 litre of alloy wheel cleaner. Use it more concentrated for heavier deposits, the choice is yours.

* great for wheels and rims
* factory approved way to remove corrosive brake dust from alloy wheels
* tire and wheel cleaner as well as excellent medium duty cleaner
* can be diluted for various cleaning needs
* easy to use
OK, so I diluted this 4:1 with water. Half the bottle makes up 1 litre when diluted.

My wheels before hand:


Sprayed on:

As you can see above, it immidiately starts to eat into the brake dust.

Aggitated with a brush:

I used a normal Halfords wheel brush to do the inside of the wheel. Not ideal, as it wasn't a very good fit, but worked OK.

And rinse:


Now, as shown below, this will remove any previous protection applied to the wheels, and leaves them looking hazey:

So you'll need to apply a good wax to your wheels. I chose to use Turtle Wax Nano Wheel Wax (click for review)

The finished article:


My rating:
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Sjdickso said:
Nice write up, looks like another product t oadd to my list.
Definately worth it. It's so much better than any of the other wheel cleaning stuff I've used before, and for £6 you get 2 litres of the stuff when diluted 4:1