CDR500 Problems

Not sure if anyone has has experienced this before but my CDR500 headunit has suddenly stopped accepting CD's ?

Was fine playing a CD yesterday, tried to eject it today and it took several attempts to eject, first couple of attempts on the eject button resulted in a lot of whirring noises and no disc appearing. Anyhow third or fourth attempt and the disc ejected.

However now if I put a disc in, it doesn't pull the disc in (so I can manually remove the disc without a problem).

If I try to use the cd button or press eject then I get some whirring and then generally a CD error.

Anyone seen this before ? am I looking at a new head unit ?

Thanks for the response, thought it would be a replacement unit of some sort.
Ebay are showing them ranging from £30 to £115 but I've seen a rather nice Sony DAB unit:

The unit is listed as having an Aux input and Safety Commander Interface, can anyone confirm if this means I can use the steering wheel controls on the unit, as I would really like ot keep that useful functionality.

Cheers and happy new year to all

Well the new Head unit arrived, so I took out the faulty CDR500 and thought I'd have a quick look inside, whilst it is out of the dash.

So the CDR500 doesn't work to well with kids plastic toys stuck inside it, to be precise a small kids plastic ruler, obviously fed in at some point, to the delight of a small child that finds the hole in the dash eating his offerings noth.

Anyhow obstruction removed and hey presto the CDR500 works fine so...

Do I install the nice new Sony CDR DAB6650, with wiring harness to use the steering wheel controls and a snazzy remote control OR

Do I go back to the CDR500, with the steering wheel controls and the dash display ?

If I had known how easy it was to remove the head unit, I would have checked before ordering a new one.. oh well you live and learn.



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I'd be putting all that nice new gear in there and keeping the cdr500 for when you sell the car, or flog it on ebay and get around 60 - 70 quid back....
Well the new head unit is in and working well, straight forward swap. Whilst I had all the glovebox out (for easy cable access), I decided to install the Nokia bluetooth handsfree kit I have, will I be ok to join into the cables at the back of the stereo, for a permanent live and an ignition live or should I run the permanent live into the engine bay and attach directly to the battery ?

Not sure whether to keep the CDR500 for if/when I sell the car or to sell it on ebay ?



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You'd be ok to join the cables at the back of the head unit. The bluetooth kit is a low current draw and will be protecetd by the fuse for the stereo unit anyway.
Selling the cdr500 depends on how much you need the money back really. I'd keep it cos you never know what might happen to the car, you may wish to return it to standard for some reason that you can't think of at the mo.