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Z22SE carb cleaning piston rings

Discussion in 'Engine Queries' started by richard165, November 5, 2017.

  1. 1000 miles and just over 1/2 way up the dip stick. I'm going to carry on resisting the urge to top the oil up! I am also going to get some more seafoam for next service!
  2. I think this thread should be made a "sticky" i'm sure many people are having the same issue with their z22se as they now approach higher mileages
  3. im going to keep everyone updated. I hope this has helped others. I've been given excellent advice from other's research.

    im using the zafira more to see how the oil is consumed.

    we need to get our heads together and improve the oil ingestion now. I no longer burn oil but there is a pool inside inlet. if this was sorted I think I'd use very little. at least that's my focus now.
  4. Very nice results! (y)

    What's the viscosity of the oil you're using for these post soak tests?

    After the bypass mod I've barely seen any trace of oil inside my airbox => TB duct. Throttle plate remains impolute (cleaned it up before mod, it was dirty then).

    I'm beginning to suspect that a combination of piston soak + enhanced crankcase ventilation might be the next best thing to mitigate Z22SE oil burning problems, short of a major overhaul for drilled/new pistons and fresh rings.
  5. hi there it's 10w40 daren't try 5w30 just yet. maybe next service when I switch to full synth
  6. On a relatively high mileage Z22SE with oil burning issues I'd stick to xW40 grade oil, or even thicker xW50.

    The thinnest I'd go would be something like Mobil 1 0W40 FS, which is 12.9 cst @ 100C, on the thinner side of SAE 40 viscosity grade (12.5 ~ 16.3 cst @ 100C).

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