Car Detailing - Get your car ready for the Show Season

As many of you know I have been an avid amateur detailer for many a year and done a few cars over the years.

I am now opening up my services to forum members if you find cleaning your car a bind or don't have the right products and hardware as well as the skill sets, I may be able to help.

So if you are after a small detail or a more of a paintwork correction and swirl removal. Send me a PM based in South Yorkshire.


Have a look at some of my previous work.

This page link has some of my favourite photos of mine and Matts old car

Jag XF

One of my most rewarding details from Pink to Red and some say you need to respray!

Brand New BMW 330D

Audi S3

Cupra R

Matts Old Mk4

Clio Sport

My old Corsa C

Civic Type R

My Astra
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