Can you put 6 speed in the astra 2004

Can the M32 gearbox fit in the astra model because im thinking of getting it done for the long journeys. Or is there another 6 speed which will fit. Just im not fitting this myself and need to know if its going to be easy or not so i can get help with the extra parts i need.

Astra 2.2 SRi 2004

The M32 doesn´t fit to the z22se. The starter is on the wrong site so you can´t mount the gearbox.
You have the same Problem if you want to mount a F23 from an other engine then the z22se.
vocky is there anything else i should do when changing the gearbox? i know about the balance shafts.. and i got a car with the gearbox you say for £800, so is it just as easy as swapping them around?
you can only do the balancer shafts if the engine is out, which might be an idea whilst the box is being swapped.

the only part required from the Alfa is the M32 gearbox, the other parts are from the astra H and TTV racing / courtenays
I have a question on that issue. If I take LEL/R or 8V diesel driveshafts, does the devided driver-side driveshaft fit the L850 Block with the Z22YH driveshaft-holder with the bearing insinde? Hope you understand my question.+