Can someone tell me what is this on my oil cap? (See pic)


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could be a sign rocker cover needs to come off and be flushed out so it breathers a bit better?
if no loss of coolant i would worry about head gasket.
Alright, I didn't have time to take off the cover since the car was being used. So I flushed it as a temporary solution. Seems that fixed it. Not coming back for a while.

If it comes back, time to take it off then. I can paint it too whilst its off :cool:

Will post again with pics if its back
Alright. It's starting to come back again. Will open it up somewhere this month. Anyone has any more suggestion where to look more once the rocker cover is off?

Gonna check the breathers first.
Flushed it out and I could not believe what was coming out. Some mudlike substance. I assume it was from the time my cylinderhead was blown. Seemingly it was not flushed out by the garage then. (Too bad I don't have a video :cry:)

I am curious if this will make a difference. Will keep you updated.
will just be a build up of carbon.
and yes it sounds like the garage didn't flush it all out.
if it was that bad i would be doing the inlet as i said above, will help no end with breathing and crank case ventilation.