can a vectra engine go into an astra

Recently found out my head was broken and neads replacing on my astra 2.2 (02 plate) :(

Have found a possible donar engine in a Vectra 2.2 (04 plate) with the same miles as my old engine.

Question is will it drop straight into the astra? Both z22se engines, but are they the same?

not sure if its a false economy as the whole donar car costs less than a recon head.........or go for the recon head??



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iffy dont know what you would do with the power steering as your astra's will standalone as its an electronic pump.(no need to do any mods or wiring)

one of the other guys will be able to confirm this but im sure the vec has a belt run pump so presumably you could just leave the belt detached?????
The guy says that it was running fine wehen he got the car, but as he has stripped the doors off the car and other bits it wont start due to imoboliser kicking in!

Its miles away from where i live so cant really go down to veiw the car :(

Prob best just leave it and look localy me thinks!


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does sound a bit dodge!

ill try and see if i can find the name of the geezer i got my z20net off on ebay he does good prices and splits loads of vauxhalls and my new engine is great (y)