Bought 2.4 inlet manifold, no crankcase vent in the middle?

Been looking thru the forums, but can't find an answer.

I have the inlet manifold with part number: but it does not have that thingy in the middle like the manifold of others I have seen here. Mine looks like this (took it from another thread):

It only had the green seals. At some other thread at this site I did see this 'thingy' in the middle. Like the picture below (also took from another thread):

Can mine (first picture) just be installed or should I be looking for this thing in the middle?
the lower manifold has a restrictor gasket fitted, basically a piece of metal with a small hole in it.

you will most likely have too much suction for your pcv system, you can either make a small restrictor from some thin metal and fit it into the middle of the green gasket or remove the cam cover and make the centre hole smaller in the cam cover (the one above the restrictor)
So I was about to create some piece of metal to fit with a small opening as you suggested.

Then I saw that it already has a small opening?


So I guess there is no need to make an extra piece of metal in front of this hole?