Boot leak on coupe.

On to the next problem :(.

Well it looks like I've got a bad leak in my boot it's not coming in through the taillights and the boot apperture is clear of leaves and general build up. So the only thing I can think of is the boot rubber it's a bit flat in the corners and looks like its been messed around with before.

Just wondering if anyone else has had similar problems and what you did to get over it.

Be nice to get it sorted as its starting to smell a bit swety sock!!
Try holding a hosepipe over the top and seeing if you can find the leak

Took me ages to find mine, turns out there was a tiny hole in the seal around the rear windscreen and water was getting in through there
I had a go tonight but no luck I'll strip the boot tomorow and have another go. I've got the the boot mat hanging up in the garage and there's a good liter dripped out of it already! Fun!


Stupid Bollocks
thanks :) as they say if a jobs worth doing do it right
it is one of the thing on my list of things to do lol im waiting for better weather and then drop the fuel tank and filler neck then deal with the rust

edit i have also noticed that the seam sealler at the base of the rear window has gone soft it may be another way for water to get in might be worth a look there to
I had this problem, and after checking everything and failing to find a solution I changed the little rubber ring that goes around the base of the ariel, the old one I took off didn't look like it was in too bad nick but I changed it anyway and haven't had a drop of water in the boot since!