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The chills here so its time for winter prep. 3 options, one of the Collinite range, My Megs #16 applied often (n) or Bilt Hammer Auto Balm. As I'd seen some great reviews and wanted to try something a little different I went for the Auto Balm.

There Product overview from DW

"Product Overview.

Auto-balm is a unique product providing protection and gloss to automotive paintwork and car bodywork. Auto-balm will also protect and shine chrome, aluminium, and keep alloys looking great for longer. It is the result of thousands of hours of development and testing - a blend of synthesised complex corrosion inhibiting molecules that lock together tightly enabling them to remain functional in ultra-thin, high gloss films. Auto-balm will seal capillary pores in paintwork and provide an anticorrosion barrier to stone-chips and other damaged sites on vehicle paintwork.

Normal automotive polishes and waxes are generally based on natural hard waxes such as carnauba and montan. Synthetic silicones and resins are also widely used - with or without waxes - when these products are buffed to produce the required shine the ultra-thin films left provide very little protection at all.

Auto-balm is applied sparingly to vehicle paintwork and after just a few moments it’s buffed to produce a superb liquid-like deep gloss that enhances appearance and provides outstanding protection both to sound paint and damage sites. Auto-balm provides unparalleled protection to alloys, chrome and other metal surfaces too; its long-lasting effect will increase the time between polishing and provide far greater levels of protection than traditional polishes."

Bought it from Elite Car Car and cost £14.99 for a 300ml jar + applicator pad + stockinette roll for buffing, but I used my own Microfibres.

This stuff is really hard to apply when you first use it s its like nothing you've used before. First you must wet your applicator and then just apply a very small amount, I found a spray bottle with just water did the trick and once you've done the bonnet the rest just comes easy. Its a apply and buff off straight off product, curing time is only 30 seconds, so getting round the car is very quick.

Its doing well in the Tests on DW at the and I believe its outlasting one of the Collinite's at the moment.

Looks wise, I'm very happy, as its a sealent it gives it that incased look and adds a really good gloss and TBH rivals my #16 which is very good on silvers, from one aplication i'm over the moon.

Beading is not its strong point as it doesnt really have many water fearing products in it, but it still shifts water and as beading has no way any reflection on protection then the beading really is only for looks.

Some pics this morning after the rain.



Auto Balm is filler packed, far mare than SRP but with no abrasivs, so if you've got swirls this is deffo the product for you.

Not many after shots s it was dark when I finished so I just took these. Its rained since aplication but still looks great.




rushy said:
mark1319 said:
Great stuff isn't it, car looks awesome mate (y)
Cheers mate, its you that planted the seed. Did you check that link I sent you on DW?
Yes mate just had a look and I'm eager to see what BH have got coming out. They say anything they make has to be the best on the market or it wont be released so should all be great.