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best engine oil for z22se????

Discussion in 'Car Discussion' started by MiTcH_SRI2.2, March 20, 2012.

  1. Il be doing a service on the car next weekend, so wandered what oil you guys use and recommend???
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  4. I use their Titan Race 5W40 in the VXR
  5. be carefull with oil, my first vectra was destroyed(unfortunately by me) just because of oil...whole its life(thats 68k miles) the engine was lubricated with a 10w40 oil, one nice sunny day i thought, well i will just get the most expensive oil for it because i like it so much(as the car i mean, not the oil LOL) and ive done it. mobil 1 5w30, and because the thickness of that new oil was so low it basically cleaned all the sut what was already in the engine and it started drinking oil. lesso learned here but passing to the front as you dont need to learn the hard way as i did..
  6. titan supersyn 5/40 is fine

    using atm
  7. ^^^Same in mine.

  8. Used gm 10/40 for the 4 years i had my 2.2 vec, 133k later and all fine and the engine lives on in another..
  9. is that semi synthetic?
  10. it is...
  11. Carlube 5/40 in mine - 15k later, all good!
  12. Daz was that milage on original cam chain, I change oil every 6000 miles using GM 10/40 semi, runs well at 83000 miles on orignal chain, runs well and quiet, not sure how long luck will keep going though.
  13. Chain was changed at 120k

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  14. Thanks for reply Daz, I have been scared every time I use my Vectra B from about 45000 miles to date because I've been expecting chain to go any minute due to what I've read on various VX sites, are you going to spoil my day now by telling me that you had the later engine and my worries are well founded
  15. Mine was a 2001 one car, and all z22se in the vecs were affected, i bought it at 99k and it had never had a chain before i got it,..
  16. Sorry last question, whats your theroy regarding the ones that go so early, is it luck, bad maintainence ? sould I just relax and enjoy the car or change it as a matter of course, would be grateful for your opinion, and anyone elses come to that

  17. In my opinion i would change both chain kits as a matter of course. as for the ones that have failed, some went as early as 40k , others last longer with no issues. so i guess its just luck of the draw
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