B207 - NA

I notice you've removed the mention of smoke when revved from above post - false alarm?
It seems the new piston rings were either the wrong ones or are faulty.

The oil scraper rings are 86.0mm fully extended, not ideal for a 86.0mm bore.

When compared to Saab B207 rings they are all smaller in diameter, damn annoying but hopefully the supplier is going to refund the additional costs involved.
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new set of rings arrived today, I measured the oil rings and they are 86.6mm, so hopefully the issue will be resolved.The compression rings are the same outer diameter as the saab rings.

I am replacing the full set of rings, fitting another new set of genuine head bolts and a genuine z22se head gasket :)
there was earlier in the year, from Neo Bros in Essex.
i picked up a spare. makes 2 spare engines in the shed now and a spare sc kit :rolleyes:
almost enough parts to build a 3rd Corsa z22se now in stock :cautious:
just got back alternator yesterday still doesn't fit the main cable will not reach so if I just run another one straight to battery and insulate the old one would that be ok
cheers mate alternator going back to have terminal moved so it should go straight in without spacers haven't even put any miles on engine something seems to be dragging down the battery if I drive it it shuts off we start again drive for 3mins then shut off again p**sed