Auto open/close windows by remote

I have a 52 Vectra B CDX with all round electric windows and sunroof which all close when you hold the key to the locked position and stop when you release it, then continue to close again if you hold it in the lock position again.

Is there any way of programming it to do this in the same way by holding the lock button on the remote? And can I get them to open by holding the unlock button? I have read on different forums about using Omega B settings (I assume flashed on?) and there has been mention of success with Astra G and Zafira A etc.

Anyone with opcom or tech2 know if this is possible and the scope of such modification?
I have that on my zafira everything closes when you put on the dead lock but I had to buy a little cicuit board what I had to wire in im not sure but I think I got it from lmf


Stupid Bollocks
you cant program it to do it but i used to make units to replicate the key being held in the lock thus closing the windows on dead lock
I have mine wired to close windows and sunroof when you lock the connect some wires in the passenger footwell, I did mine a long time ago and got the instructions from the web...try youtube.