Auto Gearstick Astra MK4 G - Problem

November 23, 2020
Hi all, I have a Astra Bertone Coupé 2.2 autosport. The button on the side of the auto gear selector fell out the other day!! The button has the white plastic assembly inside still attached and I have the spring too. I can't find any clip or see anything broken or missing at all. I have put back in which allows me to put in reverse etc but it keeps coming out again. Anyone have any experience with these? Some advice would be much appreciated, TIA 👍


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May 22, 2007
Hi wayne_saunders_600, unfortunately I have no experience of these as I have a manual gearbox (Vectra B).but I guess if you can't get the button to stay in place permanently you may have to source a replacement.

The part # you require is: 93195969 - Kit, Push Button and Contacts (Exc Wood Veneer)
(Number 3 in the diagram below)

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