Astra sprot hatch BTCC - engine options?

QUOTE="vocky, post: 1257273, member: 13"]A few things to consider;

1 - flywheel is probably an eight bolt pattern, z22se + LE5 are both six bolt (new flywheel required)
2 - mapping will be different, trigger wheel should be the same pattern on the 2.0 and 2.4, but not on the z22se (is ECU easily mappable ?)
3 - gear ratios, these may not suit the 7500rpm 2.4 power bands (the extra torque from the 2.4 engine might cover up any ratio issues)

To get 270 out of a 2.0 is no mean feat, I guess it revs it's nuts off :LOL:[/QUOTE]

You were correct Vocky, the Sodemo has a 8 bolt pattern so custom flywheel needed for 2.4 build.
Did consider the 8 bolt 2.0 crank (for 2.1 build) but the stud pattern is different to that too, grrrrrrr.
Trigger wheel looks to be part of the flywheel.



Thanks Vocky, I've spoken to Newman cams, they can analyse the Sodemo cams hold on file then grind something less aggressive but keep the same fitment, therefore drive the existing PAS. Not bad price either, 360 +VAT for a pair.
I also found out that the BTCC technical regs allowed 12mm of lift, Sodemo got around this with a extreme ramp on the cam, this throws the valve further than the lobe therefore gaining extra but at the expense of short valvetrain life.
Nearly there getting all the parts together for the B207 / LE5 engine. Just waiting on some custom 12:1 pistons from Wiesco, should be ready any day now.

Also need a cam cover, anybody have a 1 they want to sell?

Any recommendations for machining the head for the o/s valves. Nr Bedford preferably.

Low mileage LE5 bottom end...


B207 gen 2 head with 10mm combustion chamber wall (cams will be ditched)


Internal goodies
0.5+ Supertech valves & springs
Adjustable cam gears
ZZP neutral balancers
ATI super damper
Comp cams stage 4
Molnar forged rods
ARP head bolts